Thursday 5 October 2017

Dr. N.B. Khare and his craving for Power

Dr. N.B. Khare and his craving for Power
·         Congress President Subhas Bose defended Patel in Khare episode

·         Hindu Mahasabha Leader begged for support of Muslim League

Dr. Hari Desai’s Weekly Column “Back to Roots” in Asian Voice, the Newsweekly of ABPL Group, London 7 October  2017  Web Link :

·         The ministers withdrew their resignation following the Pachmarhi compromise, but Khare felt humiliated and moved even closer to new Governor, Francis Wylie, and kept Patel in dark about his movements. Wylie while taking advantage of the rift, on advice of the Premier, asked Shukla, Mishra and D. K .Mehta to resign as ministers on 21 July 1938 at 2 a.m. and did not grant any extension. He even dismissed the ministers at 5 a.m. and installed a new Ministry led by Khare!
·         Of course, it was a short lived Ministry since Khare accepted his error and agreed to resign at Wardha Working Committee which met under the chairmanship of the Congress President, Subhas Chandra Bose. It was 10 p.m. and Bose asked Khare to called up the Governor to convey him that he wanted to resign. Khare said : “He must have gone to bed.” At this Patel retorted : “ Don’t forget, Doctor, that your Governor goes late to bed. Didn’t he see your colleagues at 1.50 a.m. to demand their resignations?” The Premier had no other go but to go closer to the phone and convey to the Governor! Khare was replaced by Shukla. 
·         Expelled from the Congress in October 1938, Dr. Khare joined the Hindu Mahasabha. He even was taken into the Viceroy’s Executive Council. Khare’s lust for power and aspiration to regain the Premiership led him to approach the Muslim League Boss, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, seeking his support repeatedly who even humiliated him quite often.

·         The assassination of Gandhiji led to the Maharaja of Alwar and his Dewan, Khare, under house arrest in Delhi but later the inquiry exonerated both. Patel hardly kept any ill-will or grudge against any.

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