Thursday 25 April 2019

The Prime Ministers of Republic of India

The Prime Ministers of Republic of India
·         V.P., Chandra Shekhar, Deve Gowda and Gujral were accidental PMs
·         Gujarat has given more than two heads of the Indian government
Dr.Hari Desai writes weekly column “Heritage History” for “Asian Voice”, the Newsweekly of ABPL Group, London 27 April-3 May 2019 Web Link :
·         The question was always asked: “who after Nehru?” Morarji Desai, a south Gujarat born Gujarati always aspired to replace Nehru but a Nehru-loyalist Lal Bahadur Shastri was fortunate to be in PMO in 1964. For the second time, after Shastri’s untimely death in Tashkent in January 1966, Desai again threw his hat in the ring but the senior leaders of Congress and the industrialists preferred Nehru’s daughter and a Minister Indira Gandhi to Morarji. Desai had to satisfy himself being the Deputy PM and the Finance Minister in her Cabinet till almost a decade to get a chance to be the PM of a non-Congress Janata Party government in March 1977.
·     The in-laws of Indira Gandhi hailed from Bharuch and she quite often would declare herself as the “Gujarat ki Bahu” (Daughter-in-law of Gujarat). Even her elder son Rajiv Gandhi who became the PM after she was shot dead at PM House by her own security guards in October 1984 and his wife Sonia Gandhi as well as their children Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra can claim to have strong Gujarati connection. The present Union Minister Maneka Sanjay Gandhi and her BJP MP son Firoze Varun Gandhi have a right to claim so. Indira preferred contesting Rae Bareli and retaining UP seat despite being elected from Chikmanlur in Karnataka and Medak in Andhra Pradesh (present-day Telangana).

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