Thursday 7 September 2017

Jinnah’s Contribution in making Hindu Bharat

Jinnah’s Contribution in making Hindu Bharat

Dr. Hari Desai’s Weekly Column “ Back to Roots” in Asian Voice, the Newsweekly published from London 9 September 2017 Web Link :  Blog  :

·         Mahatma was all for Partition to oust both Islam and Christianity! : Future lies with China, Japan and India with declining US influence, presents Virendra Pandit, the Consulting Editor of Chennai based Hindu Business Line Daily in his new book “Return of the Infidel”

·         M.K. Gandhi is definitely greater and remains the Father of the Nation; but in a Global context, Jinnah stands out as one who is responsible largely to de-Islamize India! 
·         India would always be grateful to Jinnah, the Pied Piper. Jinnah’s greatest
contribution, therefore, was not the creation of a Muslim Pakistan but making of a Hindu Bharat, shielding India from any further enforced Islamisation.
·         Imagine the Arabs’ petro-dollars pouring into an unPartitioned India, since the 1970s, well after the British had left, and activities of Islamist Wahhabi front organizations like Tablighi Jammat, Ahl-e- Hadis and Dawat ul-Islam in an undivided India having 1000 million Hindus vis-à- vis 500 million Muslim population, and one can guess what impact it would have on the world.
·         Jinnah halted that process; that was why he was more of the saviour of India than the creator of Pakistan; perhaps even he did not realize this. 

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