Wednesday 23 August 2017

When Indira was about to divorce Feroze

When Indira was about to divorce Feroze

Dr.Hari Desai’s Weekly Column “Back to Roots” in Asian Voice, the Newsweekly of ABPL Group, published from London 26 August 2017
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·         The son-in-law of PM exposed Mundhra scam in Lok Sabha  leading to resignation of TTK
·         The Mahatma dissuade both Indira and Feroze to marry but when found that she was adamant, he gave in. Of course, Indira was furious with the Mahatma suggesting newly married couples to be celibate.
·         In a well researched biography published in 2016, “Feroze the forgotten Gandhi”, the Swedish journalist, Bertil Falk, hints at Feroze being the “love child” of  his unmarried aunt Dr. Shirin Commissariat and Raj Bahadur Kamla Prasad Kakkar stating : “Only DNA would lay this controversy to rest once and for all.”
·         The Swedish writer has not come across any documentation backing the rumour about his Muslim origin or Mahatma Gandhi helping him change the surname or supporting an alleged secret Muslim marriage ceremony.

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